Reasons to Consider Why Your Engine May Be Overheating

Once the engine is cool enough to open the hood, you can spot the reason for the car overheating if you know what to look for.

Pay close attention to the clamps holding the radiator hoses in place. If they are corroded or they are loose, coolant is escaping from the end and leaking to the ground. The fan belt should be tight, if it is frayed or loose, it is not allowing the pump to operate at a peak state.

Open the radiator cap and look to see if the coolant is to the top. Low coolant and an empty overfill container could mean the system is overheating because of lack of coolant. Feel if there is any coolant at the bottom of the water pump. If so, the pump could be failing and not distributing engine coolant.

At the first sign of the engine overheating, bring your vehicle to our service center here at Coleman Dodge Jeep Ram for a cooling system inspection.

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