Change Your Differential Fluid Regularly

We all know how important it is to change your oil regularly and keep an eye on your coolant level, also changing when necessary. But there are other fluids in your vehicle that need changing regularly too, and while they do not need to be done as often as your oil, they are just as important. One of the lesser known ones is your vehicle’s differential fluid. We see many cars at our service center with extensive repairs that could have been avoided with a fluid change.

Your differential system helps take the torque and power generated by your engine and transfer it in different amounts to your tires, depending on whether you are turning and in which direction. This is done by series of drive shafts and gears and results in metal on metal contact and enormous stresses. The heat and friction generated by the differential system cause the lubricating fluid to break down and lose efficacy over time.

If you are starting to detect grinding, squealing, or other noises coming from the axle area of your car while turning you should call our fantastic service team at Coleman Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM today to schedule an appointment.

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