Learn More About the Origins of Horsepower

Horsepower is an important word in relation to automotive equipment. Everyone has a basic idea of what horsepower means. It relates to the capabilities and strength of a particular engine. People obviously know that more horsepower is better than less. More horsepower is also going to be more expensive than a machine that doesn't have as much.

The word actually originated in the 1800s. It was created by an engineer named James Watt. Watt had developed a new steam engine. He was trying to sell the machines to customers and needed a way to help them relate to what his equipment could do.

He noticed that horses in the coal mine could pull up to 22,000 pounds of work in 1 minute. James raised this estimate to 33,000 pounds and applied it to his steam engine.

What this means is that a car with 1 horsepower can pull 33 pounds in 1 minute.

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