Jack Johnson Has One Goal: Touch Craig Robinson's New Dodge Dart

Kimmy Gibbler, Steve Urkel, Newman and now Jake Johnson. What do all these individuals have in common? They are the dreaded, get in the way, "poorly executed" neighbors. They are the people that--if you didn't love them so much--could convince you to pack your bags and move out of the neighborhood faster than Seinfeld can utter "Newman".

Jake Johnson stars as himself in the latest series of Dodge commercials. He stars alongside fellow comedian and The Office 's  Craig Robinson.  The two band together and provide plenty of laughs as Robinson attempts to fight off pesky Johnson and protect the thing he admires most: the Dodge Dart.

Luckily for us and unfortunately for Robinson and the fate of his Dodge Dart, Dodge plans to release 20 more commercials to the already four commercial series. But you don't have to wait for the rest of the commercials to be released before you get behind the wheel. Test drive at Coleman Motors in New Boston today and discover all the ways you might have to fight off the neighbors.

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